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 An epic romantic drama of enduring love  

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Beauty of Jane.

Grace is a strong-willed young woman, who falls in love just as World War I breaks out. Dal, her fiancé signs up for the Air Force and Grace becomes a dispatch rider, delivering urgent messages to the frontline. Facing the agony of being apart and terrible loss and hardship, against the odds, the lovers manage to keep their relationship going during the War.  But when Dal’s plane crashes and he goes missing in action, a heartbroken Grace has to face life without him.

Two years after the war has ended, Grace agrees to marry an old friend but just before the wedding, Dal returns, a traumatised and sick young man who has lost his sight. He rejects Grace and refuses to meet with her again; instead choosing to lock himself away in misery. Grace is determined to nurse Dal back to health and to prove her enduring love for Dal by disguising herself as an American nurse. But Dal is not an easy patient and Grace finds herself driven to the limits of her endurance in her effort to heal the man she loves.

Genre: Romantic, period
Status: In development
Director: Shona Auerbach
Cast: TBC