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 An unromantic comedy  

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For Love or Money.

“Life is sweet”, or so you might think if you were in Mark’s shoes. He’s about to make £20 million on a business deal that he’s kept secret from everyone, even his best friend Tim. To add to his luck, a chance encounter at a funeral has given him another shot with the love of his life, Connie. The two fall head over heels and after not long, get engaged. The problem is Mark’s belief that no-one knows about his impending success and wealth is in fact, incorrect. Another character from his past, Johnny, is working for the company that is buying Mark’s invention.

Connie’s ‘Love’ is discovered to be not so genuine when Mark overhears a phone conversation between her and Johnny. Along with their heated affair, Mark discovers that they have formulated a plan to rip him off. Refusing to be made the fool, Mark quickly puts a plan into action. With the help of Tim and Johnny’s disgruntled ex-fiancée, Kendra, they embark on a mission to see just how far the devious pair are willing to go. But the whole situation leaves Mark feeling even more uncertain about telling anyone about his £20 million. How long can he hide it from his co-conspirators?

Genre: Comedy
Status: Post-production
Director: Mark Murphy
Cast: Robert Kazinsky, Samantha Barks, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Ed Speleers, Tony Way