John Hurt and Charles Dance in That Good Night  

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There has never been a better time to invest in the British independent film sector. GSP Studios’ prolific output is “leading the charge” by directly nurturing new writers and directors and GSP Studios’ productions are increasingly attracting the biggest names in global acting talent and leading distributors.
Now, working with leading entertainment industry accountants, as an investor, you can become part of the process through the use of a variety of tax-efficient investment opportunities which are managed by Goldfinch Entertainment Limited.

Goldfinch Entertainment has rapidly developed a burgeoning reputation in the field of entertainment and media investment. Acting as Executive Producers on all projects, they assist in the development of the structure of each film in a bespoke manner, selecting only the most commercially appealing projects with a view to generating the best returns, whilst following strict due diligence procedures for individuals looking for SEIS, EIS, GAP, Private Equity and Offshore investment opportunities.

Contact us to share this unique opportunity to participate in film investment in productions in the form of global cinema and download releases (assisting in minimising risk) and out first (with a view to maximising gain) where as shareholders in the EIS or SEIS production company, you may enjoy the benefits of upfront sales, distribution fees and bonuses, with further benefits potentially accruing over the lifetime of each project

Film Investment vehicle
That Good Night Goldfinch Goodnight Limited
Michael Morpurgo’s Waiting For Anya Goldfinch Family Films Limited
Beauty of Jane Goldfinch Beauty Limited
Deus Extremis Production Limited
Solis Solis Motion Picture Limited
Love of My Life Goldfinch Performance Limited
Property of the State Pix Productions Limited
Await Further Instructions Further Instructions Ltd

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