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GSP Visual Effects.

Our team of artists specialize in creating high-end visual effects for film. Working closely with creative teams to develop complete solutions from Pre-Production, on-set supervision through to Post-Production.

 Macbeth VFX breakdown  

Creative storytelling through technology.

Our creative team specialises in the use of technology to develop innovative storytelling techniques. At the heart of our work lies two entirely green screen productions, focusing on the creation of abstract worlds to depict internalised narratives. Alongside the CGI and compositing, we can handle all aspects of green screen and virtual production, from motion control, data acquisition and site surveys through to lighting, shooting and live on-set compositing.

 In Extremis VFX - drag arrows to interact  

Visual effects for the big screen.

Our team work closely with Directors, Writers and Producers from the earliest stages of development in order to conceptualise and realise alternate realities to enhance the storytelling process. From creating supernatural storms, to destroying cities, we can bring ideas to life working from script to screen.

 Dusty & Me VFX - drag arrows to interact  

Invisible effects.

Often budget restraints can limit production value, from expensive set builds to impracticalities or safety concerns. We have a specialist team who work solely on digital set extensions, environment enhancement and asset replacement in order to add value without being noticed.

 The VFX team at work  

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